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SNASCO’s Rebranding

“Today, we’re rolling out a new brand identity which aims to better express SNASCO Holding.

The world has changed quite a bit since the moment of our foundation and so did the business environment. 2002 sounds like a long way in the past and for sure is. These last 18 years were a successful journey for us. We grew, matured, invested in human capital and fetched dividends to our shareholders.

We managed to place the company in a relevant position in so many business and social arenas.

Now, by the time of our 18th anniversary, we want to celebrate and foster further progress and transformation by presenting a new image, supported by our past and eyeing the future - which we believe will continue our successful path.

We have a new logo, inspired by one of the most successful nature’s tools: the wings of a bird. Wings are elegant, light, adaptable and allow the bird to reach higher and further.

We also adopted a new color. The blue is the color of the sky and the sea. It represents tranquility, trust, confidence and loyalty.

This is us. This is SNASCO Holding.”

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