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Message of Chairman

2019 has been an exciting year. It has been a positive year in terms of profit, the group has had excellent results across its activities. We also have welcomed new collaborators and partnerships, which took us to new and stimulating business ventures.

It was also a challenging year. Both the international and domestic markets presented new stimulating opportunities at an ever-faster pace. 

At home, VISION 2030 continues to drive our domestic market transformation and we are seeing many changes, with countless opportunities being unfolded.

I believe the word that best defines our year is adaptation.

The continuous changes on the markets emphasize one of SNASCO’s most important characteristics: adaptability. 

Being a family run business, our vision is clear, and our change talents are sharp, allowing us to foresee changes, understand trends and adapt our strategy and operation suitably.  

A lot has changed since our company’s inception back in 2002, but the values we have set by then continue valid and essential today. These values are the back spine of the organization. The integrity and respect by others are essential and brought us this far, allowing us to fetch and hold important human capital (our collaborators are the best in the World! Thank you) and important partners. 

The work commitment and creativity in the organization is allowing us to solidify our position on current business and entering new exciting ones.

For SNASCO, the ethical climate is fundamental because it can improve employee morale, enrich organizational commitment, and foster an involved and retained workforce. Creating clear boundaries for risks and ethical business standards provides a framework for employees to make the right decisions.

Thank you all!

Saleh Bin Nasser Al-Soraya

(Founder & Chairman)

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