Talal Al-Sorayai

CEO of Mabaat; Responsible for Real-Estate and Tourism Division

Talal is an entrepreneur. He likes to learn, discuss and dives fully into new ventures. Talal is also a doer, leading by example and creating a spirit of mission and fraternity among his team members.

Since young age, Talal was involved in the Al-Sorayai’s family business, starting by investing in the stock market during his high school years - quite successfully we should add.

In 2006, after accomplishing his major on finance in KAU (Jeddah), Talal has worked abroad in several positions and companies, giving him outstanding experiences, which molded his business competences and strategy skills.

Since 2008, Talal occupies relevant positions within SNASCO’s Holding companies, excelling his assignments and always going the extra mile.  

Talal’s curiosity has made him travel the world, searching for new quests and businesses.

Up to today, Talal continues to invest in his education, having attended several courses in some of the most prestigious business schools in the world.

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